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To all the Pisceans in my real and imagined lives, and beyond...

Picture from  https://www.etsy.com/ie/listing/233544461/fish-costume-adult-size-handmade-eco , where one may purchase a beautiful, handmade fish costume. Apparently.

Picture from https://www.etsy.com/ie/listing/233544461/fish-costume-adult-size-handmade-eco, where one may purchase a beautiful, handmade fish costume. Apparently.

Happy birthday – the world now celebrates the festival of you!

In my real life, you show up as colourful, artistic souls. You are photographers, painters and weavers, or else you are life artists who know how to blend the colours and shapes of your days to make things more beautiful than they were before you got your hands on them. You are the friends most likely to burst into tears of empathy when I’m telling a sad story, the ones most likely to take on some extraordinary new dietary regime, and the ones most likely to come up with creative ways of furthering the many good causes to which you are, naturally, devoted.

In the pages of Star-crossed, you show up as Jeremy Byrne, the somewhat verbose but absolutely loveable editor of the Alexandria Park Star. Ever ready to give his younger colleagues a hand to reach the next rung of the career ladder, Jeremy is the kind of boss we all dream of having. When he is faced with a difficult decision about what to do with Star-crossed’s mischievous heroine, Justine Carmichael, Jeremy handles the situation with characteristic grace and charm. It’s also worth remembering that when Justine encounters the novel’s romantic hero, Nick Jordan, for the first time in over a decade, he is wearing a fish costume. Perhaps it looks a little like the one pictured here, from Etsy. Okay, it costs a cool US$ 1049, but it might just help you intrigue the love of your life...

Happy birthday, dreamy fish people! May the next year bring you a yoga retreat, a set of 72 Derwent watercolour pencils with which to mindfully doodle, many beautiful sunrises and/or sunsets seen from pristine beaches, a discount on the Etsy fish costume, and your very own copy of a quirky book called Star-crossed, the Australian edition of which is, incidentally, a Pisces - born on March 5.

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