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Minnie Darke says ‘Happy Birthday, Aquarius’

So, dear folks of Planet Earth, it’s time to break out your old Fifth Dimension LP* and sing along to that band’s greatest hit, for here we are in the season of the Water Bearer.

Late January and most of February is the time to celebrate our beloved Aquarians in all their glorious originality, kookiness and unpredictability. Innovative and idealistic, Aquarians are our dreamers and revolutionaries.

Think Aquarius and you think Gallileo, Abraham Lincoln, Mozart, Charles Darwin, Virginia Woolf, Yoko Ono, Lord Byron and Colette, and also that other great visionary, Paris Hilton. Oh, and Australia’s legendary fast bowler, Glenn McGrath (Ooh! Aah!).

This particular Aquarius season, it’s time to warm up for the arrival, in early March, of my novel Star-crossed, in which the Water Bearers are the undeniable stars of the show.

When Justine Carmichael (Sagittarius, aspiring journalist and sceptic) bumps into her old friend Nick Jordan (Aquarius, struggling actor and true believer) it could be by chance. Or perhaps it's written in the stars. Justine works at the Alexandria Park Star – and Nick, she now learns, relies on the magazine’s astrology column to guide him in life. Looking for a way to get Nick’s attention, Justine has the idea of making a few small alterations to ‘Aquarius’ before it goes to print. It's only a horoscope, after all. What harm could changing it do? But, of course, Nick is not the only Aquarian making major life decisions based on the stars.

What about Aquarian flight attendant Zadie O’Hare, who has found herself inconveniently pregnant at the age of 23? Will she keep her baby? And what about Aquarian Dorothy Gisborne, the owner of the largest collection of Charles and Diana commemorative wedding china in Christendom? Will her stars entice her to pursue true love, or purchase another Wedgewood soap dish? What about grumpy old Aquarian Len Magellan? Once he checks his horoscope, to which of his inattentive children will he bequeath his considerable estate? 

Star-crossed, a twisted tale of fate, destiny, and a dog called Brown, hits Australian shelves on March 5, before arriving in the UK in April, and the USA and Canada in May. In Finland, however, Star-crosseditself is an Aquarian, since the book is to have its world premiere in that chilly corner of the planet on January 28.

According to those who know about such things, 2019 is shaping up as an ideal time for Aquarians to develop partnerships, and to invest in the dreams of beloved children, friends and relatives. Apparently, Jupiter’s tour of Sagittarius puts Aquarians in the slot for a double helping of luck and abundance in the coming year. So, let the sun shine in and have a happy birthday, Aquarius. I hope the festival of you brings joy and peace, love and prosperity, and also a significant haul of decent birthday presents**.

* Alternatively, try this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=06X5HYynP5E
** https://www.bustle.com/p/23-thoughtful-gifts-for-the-aquarius-in-your-life-23204  

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